JW Cake

The cake is a comestible that is quite well known. The cake is a cake made from a mixture of dough, consisting of flour, sugar, eggs, salt, milk, aroma, fat that is developed with or without developer ingredients.

The types of cake are grouped into several, namely:
a) Layer Cake
A layer cake is generally decorated and presented for certain occasions such as birthdays and weddings. Material that is usually used for
decorate the cake layer besides buttercream, whipping cream and pastry cream.
b) Birthday Cake
A birthday cake or birthday cake can be made diverse, making a birthday cake is usually adjusted to the age of a birthday. For example for children or adults.
c) Wedding Cake
The wedding cake is usually made for weddings that can be enjoyed by its beauty and for its taste.
d) Cake Special
Cake specials are usually made for special occasions, for example, New Year cake, Valentine cake, and Eid al-Fitr Cake
e) Sponge cake
Sponge cake is a sponge with a soft texture like a sponge, for example, marble sponge
f) Butter cake
Butter Cake is a cake that has more dense characteristics than sponge cake but uses more butter
g) Cotton cake is a cake that has a soft texture like cotton
h) Chiffon cake is a kind of fine-textured sponge
i) All in one is a cake that is made by mixing all ingredients together until they are evenly mixed

We provide Cake Lapis or Layer cake with the original flavor, with a soft taste and full of special flavors.

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